Will I Stay with the Pirelli P4 tires?

The time has come to look at new tires for my 2007 Dodge Magnum. As readers and watchers of this site know, I have been very happy with the Pirelli P4s, but times change and technology changes, too.

In my research this time around, the Michelin HydroEdge kept coming up. It is rated for 90,000 miles and also for very high gas mileage. Both of those interest me.


What thoughts do you have with these two tires or another one.

2 thoughts on “Will I Stay with the Pirelli P4 tires?

  1. Hansen Photo

    I just bought a set of P4’s today for my wife’s Ford Freestyle. I have yet to see how these will preform. I can say that the Michelin Hydroedge tires were a major disappointment. I bought a set for my 05 Town and Country and after 34K miles they were well worn and needing replacement. That’s after regular rotations and making sure they were properly inflated. If you do any research you’ll find most Hydroedge owners complaining of the same thing; premature tread wear. The 90k warranty is a joke. As far as MPG I got the same with the Hydroedge tires as I did with the Goodyear Integra’s that it came with (I track every tank of gas for MPG). I think you’d be wise to get a new set of Pirelli’s if you liked the last set. Just my 2 cents worth… Ken


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