Where were you when?

First LoveA lot of people I know remember events in their lives when a certain song plays. My wife is one of those supported by this example at the dinner table last weekend.

Yes, remember. We were driving on the highway from Borger to Fritch and Hush from Deep Purple come on the radio. You were singing, drumming on the steering wheel and keeping the beat on my knee. Remember?

I had to admit I didn’t remember the event that is so vivid in her memory. After all, decades have passed since the event took place.

I do have a few memories tied together that way, but not like a few people I know. I know people are wired different, but this seems to be a big, huge chasm to me.

Do you remember where you were when you heard a particular song? How about when you heard about some earth shattering event? See, most of those don’t register with me either. Am I the strange one here?

What about you? Do you remember particular events when a song plays on the radio? Tell me about it in the comments.

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