Where did you hear the Texas Panhandle was Flat?

One of the misconceptions of the Texas Panhandle is that it is flat flat flat. What many people don’t know is the second largest canyon in the United States is located there, Palo Duro Canyon. Only the Grand Canyon is bigger.

Recently I was cutting through the back-country and began taking pictures as I started down into the canyon. Here are a few of them that start to represent the scope of the canyon.

As you can see, the Panhandle has a great big hole in it, but don’t tell anyone.

This is the country I grew up in and when I get close, I get this feeling of home. I’m sure you know what I mean. There is this familiar feeling that makes me very comfortable in the Panhandle.

Don’t Try This At Home

I took these pictures on my Palm Centro while driving 55mph.

Where do you get the feeling of home? I’m listening.

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