Weekday vs. Weekend Drivers

onthebeach_padreislandThere is one thing I try to never do … drive on a holiday weekend, but Thanksgiving found my wife and I on the road to home from my sisters house. The roads were amazingly crowded and the weekend drivers were out in force. They were weaving through traffic while speeding and generally being bad drivers. Oh, they think they are good drivers, but they are mistaken.

Just like in sports, we have the professional athlete and the weekend warrior. The conditioned, trained, ripped professional and the amateur with a ripped Achilles tendon.

Driving as much as I do, I see many drivers throughout each month and I can assure you, weekday drivers are much safer. I call these, Professional Drivers. Those of us that live on the road have learned that the kind of actions mentioned above shorten lives, not trips.

I relax when I drive because I put my cruise control on the speed limit and enjoy the ride. Most other drivers are doing the same. There are very few speeders and no one weaving in and out of traffic.

Have you noticed the difference?

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