Three Things a Man Will Lie About

1965 Chevy II Nova Many years ago, a good friend told me there were three things a man would lie about.

I know, you’re thinking … only three?

I’ve thought long and hard about them, and I have to admit, he was right.

What are the three things?

Three Things a Man Lies About

  1. His bank account (or how much he makes)
  2. His sex life
  3. His gas mileage

And that reminds me of another thing my Dad always told me.

First liar doesn’t stand a chance.

First Liar

Think about the last time you were hanging with your buddies talking cars. Since you just calculated your gas mileage, your push out your chest and say, “I just got 26mpg on my Dodge last tank.” Then what happens?

Right … the second guy comes in and tops your story and ups the mileage figure to 28mpg. And even he doesn’t stand a chance because the third guy just miraculously topped 30mpg on his last trip to the mountains. And he was going up hill and into the wind most of the way or it could have been better. Yeah, right … and he got a bonus last week too.

What’s your take? What other things will a man lie about?

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2 thoughts on “Three Things a Man Will Lie About

  1. Dave J.

    Wow, I can’t say I’d brag about #1 or #2 unless I was under 25. But bragging about gas mileage … sure! I guess anything that relates to frugality goes. How much I paid for my car, the oil change, the set of spark plugs.

    1. Larry Hendrick Post author

      Yeah, the first two seem to pass with maturity, but the third gets even more prevalent with age. You’re never to old to figure your gas mileage. I also like the other ideas you put forth, especially what you paid for your car. It’s reminds me of people who go to Las Vegas to gamble. None of them ever lose money, they always come back bragging about all they won.


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