The 80/20 Rule in Sales

Del Mar National Car Show-76Lately, I’ve been thinking about the 80/20 sales rule as it applies to successful sales people. In most sales organizations, 80% of the business is produced by 20% of the people. Why is this?

Is it smarts?

Is it talent?

Is it technique?

Is it personality?

Is it motivation?

Is it ability?

Is it hard work?

Is it working smarter?

Is it planning?

Is it preparation?

Is it goal setting?

Is it territory?

Is it family support?

Is it manager support?

Is it company support?

Is it product training?

Is it sales training?

Is it … ?

The easy answer is , “It’s a combination of them all.”

What I’m trying to determine is the order of importance. If we take the above list, and any others you have, how would they be ranked?

If you had to choose, what would be your top five list in order? The top three? Top one?

Please dive into the conversation and let me know your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “The 80/20 Rule in Sales

  1. Dave J.

    Watching my sales guys at the trade show this week, I’ve been pondering that same thing. Somehow it has something to do with a desire to bring things to a conclusion. Not sure how better to describe that.

  2. Dave J.

    Close seemed too specific, but yea. Resolution, conclusion, close. Keeping at finding the answer, keep digging for the decision. Make things HAPPEN.


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