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Do you train your employees? Odds are, NO!

Employee training should be the gold standard for every company, but over a life-time of working for companies, I realize it is not. The position most lacking in training is also the most important to the company … sales. The very position that generates the revenue that supports the company.

I have worked for far too many companies in my life and with only one exception, the training is as follows: “You see that map of our territory? You can call on anyone east of this line. Now go sell something.” And that is one of the better ones, but at least it pointed me in the right direction.

The one exception? Lanier Worldwide. They took training to a level I had not seen before nor since. A new sales person spent the first month in the hiring office studying spec manuals for their products, followed by a week at Corporate putting that knowledge to work. The emphasis in their training was on how to communicate that information to the prospect and make them a customer. They were also the best company I worked for at communicating information, but I’ll save that for another shortcoming of companies article.

I’ve heard lots of excuses for the lack of training programs … it costs too much, it takes too much time, it’s not practical, the new hire is experienced, etc. If I had a dollar for every sales person thrown into a territory completely unprepared, I could retire. And I suspect the results reflect the training. Little training, little results, fantastic training, fantastic results. I know this from my personal experience.

I’m curious, how much time does your company take to train the sales people it hires? Now don’t count the time the new sales person spends in the office filling out paperwork and meeting with HR. I mean real product, territory, and sales training.

In my experience, the only position that receives less training than a new sales person is the newly promoted Sales Manager.

Selling 101–Product Knowledge will increase your sales

Increasing your sales is up to you … only you. This quick tip for today is 100% up to you and you can’t blame your company, your boss, your high prices … nothing. It’s all on you.

Product Knowledge

Working with sales reps that don’t know their product lines is painful for me. They aren’t valuable to their customers, they can’t help their prospects, and the don’t close as many sales as their counterparts that know their products.

When a customer confides in you and tells you what keeps them up at night … and you tell them you will check on it and get back with them in a few days … you lose.

Do you know your products? Frontwards and backwards? You better if you want to win.

What stories do you have for sales you won by knowing your products?

Selling 101 – The Cold Call

One of the elements of the sales process is finding prospects to move through the funnel. There are also a number of ways to accomplish the location of your prospects, and cold calling can be one of them.

If not done properly, cold calling can be a tremendous waste of time so you’d be better off sitting at the office. However, with the five steps I cover (six really) in the video, you can make the time profitable.

What do I cover?

  1. Preparation with research
  2. Determine the desired outcome
  3. Make the approach
  4. Gather the information you need
  5. Thank the helpful person profusely
  6. Conduct a postmortem

Sounds simple, but in working with young reps over the last four years, it remains the secret of the masters. It’s time to share.

What’s your favorite cold calling tip?