Stopping to See the Path

Photo_092709_002 One of my shortcomings is getting to where I’m going as fast as possible. That means the minimum stops done as quickly as possible, and combining stops when possible. For instance, stopping at the gas station with the Burger King or McDonald’s attached to fill up and grab a bit to eat for the road.

Recently, I’ve been working to slow down and take time to look at the path I’m traveling. I do notice the country around me, but sometimes don’t see the obvious. This bridge is the perfect example.

It is located on Highway 83 north of Wellington, Texas and I’ve driven through it many times in the last two decades, but I never saw it slower than 70mph. Yesterday I not only slowed down, but I stopped to take a look and snap a few pictures.

I don’t know when this bridge was first built, but it must be solid. It has changed very little over the years, getting only a new coat of paint every now and then.

This was the original two-lane bridge before the divided highway was built and another bridge was put in place for the south-bound traffic. With cars the size they were in the 1950s, this was one crowded bridge when meeting another car. And trucks … I don’t even want to think about meeting an 18-wheeler in the middle of this narrow, enclosed bridge.

What shortcoming are you working to overcome? Are you making any headway?

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