Selling 101–Product Knowledge will increase your sales

Increasing your sales is up to you … only you. This quick tip for today is 100% up to you and you can’t blame your company, your boss, your high prices … nothing. It’s all on you.

Product Knowledge

Working with sales reps that don’t know their product lines is painful for me. They aren’t valuable to their customers, they can’t help their prospects, and the don’t close as many sales as their counterparts that know their products.

When a customer confides in you and tells you what keeps them up at night … and you tell them you will check on it and get back with them in a few days … you lose.

Do you know your products? Frontwards and backwards? You better if you want to win.

What stories do you have for sales you won by knowing your products?

2 thoughts on “Selling 101–Product Knowledge will increase your sales

  1. Dave J.

    Larry, I think this is one reason I like you. That’s the position I used to sell from, and now market from. Part of the problem I’ve seen is the fluster, and making the lack of knowledge a big deal, only accentuating their shortcoming. And then there is the black-hole of following thru on getting the proper information. Two chances to fail as a salesperson, or you could have done it right the first time!

    1. Larry Hendrick Post author

      Thanks Dave. I view this as one of the essential parts of successful selling. From reading books, blogs, and other sales products, you and I may be the only ones that see this as critical to success. I saw the black-hole affect first hand every day for years, and sadly, there is no way to quantify the dollars lost. We can only make educated guesses.

      Frequently when I followed up with a rep to see if they had done what they told the customer/prospect, the answer was “not yet.” When I asked “when” they wouldn’t know. Sad but true …


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