Selling 101 – The Cold Call

One of the elements of the sales process is finding prospects to move through the funnel. There are also a number of ways to accomplish the location of your prospects, and cold calling can be one of them.

If not done properly, cold calling can be a tremendous waste of time so you’d be better off sitting at the office. However, with the five steps I cover (six really) in the video, you can make the time profitable.

What do I cover?

  1. Preparation with research
  2. Determine the desired outcome
  3. Make the approach
  4. Gather the information you need
  5. Thank the helpful person profusely
  6. Conduct a postmortem

Sounds simple, but in working with young reps over the last four years, it remains the secret of the masters. It’s time to share.

What’s your favorite cold calling tip?

2 thoughts on “Selling 101 – The Cold Call


    When doing my marketing I have found that the best way to generate leads through cold calling and cold emailing is to start with a good list of the right people to contact.

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    1. Larry Hendrick Post author

      Jeffrey, I normally mark these type comments as spam and delete, but I went and spent some time on and I like the idea. A wiki-style database of companies and people … great idea. I assume you are an affiliate marketer of, although I’m not sure.


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