Sure-Fire Gas Saver

The wide open spaces of Texas

The wide open spaces of Texas

A sure-fire way to increase the gas mileage on any car on the road is to control the appendage at the end of the right leg known as the foot.

Long stretches of lonely roads await travelers to remote portions of Texas. Because of the distance between some towns, a higher than normal speed limit is allowed and makes sense (in a way).

This photograph was taken while traveling on Interstate Highway 10 a few hours west of San Antonio. As you can see, the speed limit on this section of highway is 80mph. The first time I saw this, the temptation was too great. I had to see what it felt like to legally drive 80mph. My excursion didn’t last very long because of my front tires: a little out of round, a little out of balance.

The new Perelli P4s have solved that issue, so I did give it a try next time I ventured that way. Let’s just say … awesome. The stripes fly by and the telephone poles are moving rapidly in the opposite direction. However, I looked down to see my gas gauge physically dropping and thought, “self, this might not be the smartest thing you’ve done this week” and slowed back to 70mph.

Yes, the mileage gets even better at slower speeds, but the optimum speed for gas mileage is 18mph and it takes too long to drive the 600 miles to the Texas Panhandle traveling at 18mph. My compromise is 70mph where my average gas mileage is good.

So, to save gas (and therefore money) ignore any speed limit signs showing a speed higher than 70mph.

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