Old Sales Dogs and New Pups

As an old sales dog, I have an opinion on everything sales related. Today I want to talk about the new kids on the block and whether the realize the fine tradition they are corrupting.

Harsh? Of course it is.


You’ll see in the video I’m looking for answers as much as commenting on the condition of the modern sales person just getting into the profession.

Maybe we (the old dogs) are the ones with the misshapen mindset. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Old Sales Dogs and New Pups

  1. Dave J.

    We are actively pushing more inbound phone calls and customer ‘activity’ to our outside people. The perception was that they were under-utilized (or lazy). While this has worked, I think the way these salespeople approach their job has changed, and I fear that we are diluting what they are best at. That windshield time can now be Blackberry time is an interesting experiment.

    1. Larry Hendrick Post author

      I have fought the lazy tag for years. If they can’t see you, you must be goofing off, seems to be the norm. You know the reality from your past experience.

      While our company pushes most activity to us via cell phones, it is usually because they don’t know the distributors or territories well enough to make recommendations to a prospect. In fact, it is easier for me since I know the state of distributors, products they likely carry, and who they should talk to for a particular issue.

      Of course, windshield time can also be video shooting time for some of us. lol


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