New Feature: Dodge Magnum monthly statistics

80mphA feature I’ve wanted to implement on The Magnum Life is a recap of my monthly statistics. Since I travel so much, I gather a lot of information about my car. Because of that, I have wanted a place to consolidate that information for reference and thought you might find some of it interesting, also.

Today, I am going to recap my information for January 2011, since February is still active. After closing this month off, I will post another article for February.

I track every expense and the numbers reflect the complete average, in town, highway, etc.

Please let me know what you think.

January 2011 Statistics

Miles Driven: 3891 miles
Average MPG: 23.903
Maximum MPG: 26.374
Minimum MPG: 22.129
Average $/gallon: $3.043
Expenditure: $596.39

My gas mileage is lower than previous months because my travel schedule changed January 1st, so I was not on the road as much. The three-month average gas mileage from November to January was 24.152 MPG. Since the Magnum has the 3.5L HO engine, it recommends Mid-Grade gasoline, which I provide her, and she does run better.

The Expenditure number includes gas, oil changes, repair parts, car washes, etc.

Another test I want to run for an entire month is to run nothing but Premium gasoline and see what that does to the mileage. Maybe later, do the same with Regular Unleaded.

I also need to change the spark plugs soon. They are still the original factory plugs that were in the care 152,000 miles and four years ago. I’m thinking of trying the E3 plugs after watching the testing done on Hot Rod TV and Gearz. Both showed more power and better gas mileage from them, and I’m always on the look out for better mileage.

The photo is one of my favorites, showing the 80 mph speed limit in Texas. I shot it on I-10 near Junction, Texas.

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