Conspiracy Theory

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Last weekend I had to rent a car again and I noticed something that makes me wonder how strong the secret Rental Car Lobby is.

2 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory

  1. Dave J.

    Part of the problem is being in a strange town and not knowing which way to go. Go north or west out of our airport, and no gas. Go south and it can look hopeless, then bam, there is a gas station.

    GPS can take much of the mystery out of this these days, tho. You did bring your Nuvi, right?

    1. Larry Hendrick

      Actually, I left my Nuvi in Inara (the Magnum) rather than throwing it in my suitcase. Mistake, for sure. Next time I will have it to assist. Since it was Lubbock, TX, I knew there wasn’t anything out close, so I filled up in town before heading out. Then I looked for future reference and there was nothing within miles of the airport.


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