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Last year, a conversation about owned cars got me to start a list of my cars. After that, I began adding little bits of information about the car as it came to mind. This has been the most fun and is something I will continue as thoughts pop into my head.

The funniest part is in reading through the list anew, I noticed how many green vehicles I’ve owned, and I really don’t like green … at all. That’s one of the problems when buying used cars. You get what you find and the nicest ones aren’t always your favorite color.

What’s on your list. Feel free to share.

Photograph1)1960 Ford Station Wagon (1967-1968)
Motor= 292 V-8 w/3 speed column shifter. It was Green. This was my mother’s car when I got my drivers license. Mom and Dad decided to give me the old station wagon and buy Mom a used 1964 Mercury Comet-4 door.
This picture is the only one I know of the ‘64 Ford and the car wasn’t the focal point. My Dad took the photo of Martha and me before we headed on a date. I didn’t have my license yet, but it wasn’t much longer after this was taken. Yes, Dad took us to the Esquire theater to see a movie.
2)1952 Plymouth (1968-1970)
motor = flat-head 6 w/3 speed column shifter. It was Green. The transmission went out in the 1960 Ford, so Dad found a $100 car to replace it. The green paint was not very good, so it was carried to Earl Schieb for a $39.95 special with the only color that wouldn’t require sanding and priming, Crystal Turquoise, which was green.
3)1965 Mercury Comet Caliente (1970-1972)
motor = 289 V-8 (200hp) w/3 speed column shifter. It was Forest Green w/green interior. This is the first car I bought. It was a 2-door hardtop w/the Caliente package. Bought it from a used car lot on the north side of Amarillo
4)1972 Chevy Chevelle (1972 new-1977)
motor = 307 V-8 – 2 bbl carb w/automatic column shifter. It was Gold w/black interior. No A/C. My first new car. The comet needed a few hundred dollars work done and I didn’t have the money, so like any young, smart person, I got a loan and bought a new car. Bought it from Hudiburg-Jones Chevrolet in Amarillo
5)1968 Ford Ranchero (1975-1980)
motor = 302 V-8 2-bbl carb w/automatic column shifter. It was maroon w/black interior. This was my first second car. Red drove the Chevelle and I drove the “grasshopper” as she named it. I sold it to Gene Lewis after buying the 1980 Ford F150. Bought it from a customer at BF’s gas station (in Houston) where I was working.
6)1977 Toyota SR5 (1977 new-1983)
motor = 6 cylinder w/5speed floor shifter. It was white w/tan interior. Traded in the Chevelle for a car with air conditioning and better gas milage. The rise in fuel prices had just begun. Sold this when we bought the Schwinn Bicycle shop to raise funds. Bought from a dealership in Houston.
7)1980 Ford F150 (1980 new-2000)
motor = 302 V-8 w/automatic column shifter. It was light blue w/blue interior. We had started a delivery business and needed a larger truck than the Ranchero. Bought it from Barrett Ford in Pampa. Sold it to my Stepdad when we were moving back to Houston. He had it repainted and eventually traded it for a 4-wheel drive pickup.
8)1973 Cadillac Coupe de Ville (1984-1985)
motor = 472 V-8 w/automatic. It was gold w/brown leather interior. A couple came into the bicycle shop and wanted a couple of expensive bikes. The total retail was probably $800 for the bikes and I traded even for the Cadillac. Great road car. Traded it for the Crown Victoria
9)1983 Ford LTD Crown Victoria (1985-1987)
motor = 351 V-8 2 bbl w/automatic column shifter. It was White w/blue interior. Traded in the Cadillac for it at Gene Messar Ford in Amarillo Texas. It caught on fire in the garage, which was noticed immediately and I was able to get it into neutral and pushed out into the driveway. The insurance company totaled it and gave us a check. This was one of the nicest cars we ever owned and we were the 2nd owners.
10)1982 Ford Bronco (1987-1997)
motor = 351 V-8 2 bbl carb w/automatic column shifter and 4-wheel drive. It was Metallic Forest Green with light green interior. Bought at Pete Burton Ford in Wheeler, TX. This was a fun vehicle and came in very handy when we moved to the farm with several miles of dirt roads. I sold it to Frank () in McLean when we were getting ready to move to Amarillo from Wheeler.
11)1990 Dodge Spirit (1992-1999)

motor = 3.0 ltr V-6 w/automatic floor shifter. Bought from Robert Knowles in Pampa, TX after becoming a road warrior for Clean Care. Gas mileage on the Bronco wasn’t the greatest, and Desi got around 36 mpg on the highway where most of the miles were put on. At 245,000 miles Desi went to Red and she drove him for some time, then he was given to Kelly and Lori, running to this day with over 285,000 miles.
update: Desi was sold in 2008 with just under 300,000 miles.
12)1995 Chrysler Concorde (1997-2007)
motor = 3.5 ltr V-6 w/automatic column shifter. Bought from Robert Knowles in Pampa, TX while still living in Wheeler, TX. Desi hit 245,000 miles and I wanted to turn him out to pasture. Connie w/220,000 miles was still going strong. Sold Connie in San Leon for move to Canyon Lake $900.00 to a man that worked at oyster house.
13)1983 GMC S15 (2001-)
motor = small V-6 w/automatic column shifter. Bought from Bee Neill for Red after we moved to Houston in 2000. This was Melvins vehicle, bought new
14)1996 Mercury Cougar (2005-)
motor = V-6 w/automatic floor shifter. Linda inherited Bee’s Chrysler Concorde and gave Red her Cougar. It has about 106,000 miles in her. Name … Ingrid.
15) 2007 Dodge Magnum (March 2008-)
motor = 3.5L-V6 w/Auto floor shifter. Bought w/19685 miles from Boerne Dodge Superstore in Boerne, TX. This car was part of the Chrysler Employee Lease program & had been on lease for 1 year. Medium blue w/gray interior. Great sales car! Name … Inara.

This is current and up-to-date as of December 2008. We still have and drive the last three vehicles on the list.

As of November 2011, the list is still accurate including ownership of the last three cars. My Dodge Magnum now has over 186,000 miles and is still running strong.

May 20, 2012 and the only change is my Dodge Magnum now has 197,000+ miles and is still going strong.

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  3. Abdul


    I am intending to buy a dodge magnum for family use, I had a test drive last week with a 3.5 2007 one with a 140000+ km, I find it is a great car, few days earlier, I saw another one (2.7 2005, it has almost 235000 Km) the owner told me that he replaced the transmission and the rear differential kit ( they have now 70000+ Km) and the engine is still original.

    My question is: is the car reliable ? i.e the power train i reliable and won’t break soon.

    Please advise and many thanks in advance.



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