My 15 Cars – A History Lesson

Since getting my first car, at age fifteen, to the three sitting in the driveway today, fifteen cars have come through my life. Some were fantastic, some were the “get ya by” kind of vehicles. The audio will also point you to this new page … My Cars, where I list all the cars that have graced my garage.

All my vehicles have been useful, but some hold a special place in my heart. I will share some of the stories about these different cars and how they came into my possession in the future.

Enjoy the cast and make sure to add your 2 cents worth in the comment section.


One thought on “My 15 Cars – A History Lesson

  1. Dave J.

    First poster!!! Great to hear your voice Larry.

    You do send me back to my high-school years, scrounging for gas money. And our version of cruising…the backroads.


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