Interior Design is very important

NaPodPoMo Day 21 … Lately, I’ve been noticing that the interior design of today’s cars are just like they were in my 1952 Plymouth. And what is it about gloveboxes? Do you keep your gloves in yours? I didn’t think so.

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2 thoughts on “Interior Design is very important

  1. Dave J.

    Air bags! Major innovation you never see (hopefully). But what a bugger it was when the car horn was no longer in the center of the steering wheel to make room for the air bag. Why do we rely on the horn being the center of the steering wheel?

    1. Larry Hendrick

      Very true, Dave. I’m not normally a horn honker, but the other day a dog ran in front of me and I tried to hit the horn and after what seemed like a couple of minutes, I got it to honk. I’ve had the car almost two years and I can’t find the horn to honk. How sad is that? Oh, btw, the dog is good. I missed him.


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