I See Cars … Like Mine


Have you Noticed?

Before buying my 1990 Dodge Spirit, I had never noticed one on the road. The same with my 1995 Chrysler Concorde and, to an extent, my 2007 Dodge Magnum.

After buying each of them, though, I saw others everywhere. What is it about the brain that causes this phenomenon? I’m not sure, but others I have spoken with assure me … it’s not just me.

Car Photographs

The other thing I’ve noticed is the lack of pictures of my early cars. Between cameras, film, and developing cost, pictures were a luxury. I know in our big picture box, there is a picture of my 1965 Comet Caliente with my pregnant wife standing beside it.

I’m not aware of many pictures of the other cars I’ve owned, but one of these days, I want to dig into the box and see. If they exist, I need to scan them for posterity. At least, my posterity.

What about you? Do you see your vehicle everywhere you turn? What about pictures of your early cars, do they exist? Feel free to share in the comments.

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