How Often Do You Change Your Oil?

Me and my Dodge Magnum on Padre Island

Me and my Dodge Magnum on Padre Island

How often do you really need to change your oil? Every 3000 miles? Every 4000 miles? A lot of controversy surrounds this topic and the discussion will continue.Most manufacturers include recommendations in the owners manual for the frequency of different maintenance items.

A video recently released by General Motors suggests every 9000 to 11,000 miles. Does that seem too far to you?

For years, I have adhered to a 4000-5000 mile schedule for my cars with great success. I have kept my eye on the condition of the oil, checking cleanliness and feel as the miles added up. After years of doing this, I came up with my own rule that works. I drive my cars over 200,000 miles without any major engine repairs needed.

Transmissions are my problem. The last two road cars have had their transmissions rebuilt twice each. The first seems to happen at about 135,000 miles with the second coming at around 190,000. The rebuilt tranny never lasts as long as the factory new build, which is reasonable, in a way.

What are your thought on changing your oil? How often do you do yours?

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