How Do You Pass the Time When Traveling

Since travel is my middle name, I have ways to pass the time behind the wheel. Whether playing podcasts or music from my Zune or shooting videos, an eight hour trip is still long and boring.

The thing I spend most of my time doing is thinking … about tomorrow, the next week and the next few years.

What about you? How do you pass all that time in the car when you are the driver.

And don’t say watching DVDs or video, that will get you into trouble. I can think of a few other ways, but I am curious about fresh ideas. Please comment below.

2 thoughts on “How Do You Pass the Time When Traveling

  1. Dave J.

    After years of dissing in-car DVD, our new van has one. Luckily, my kids are teens now, so it’s not a pacifier. But even as the driver I enjoy listening to a movie, especially one I know. Even more than an audio-book, it lets my brain put together the action, and I really don’t feel like I’m missing much. Even thru four or five episodes of Mythbusters, I didn’t mind (except seeing the explosions, of course).

    I do have a couple podcasts I listen to with hour-plus long episodes that also help, but they can get tedious sometimes.

    1. Larry Hendrick Post author

      I hadn’t thought about listening to a movie playing out of sight. Interesting.

      What are your main podcasts you listen to now? I could handle a few more on the Zune for the long trips.


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