How about a 1956 Chrysler Magnum?

Sunday, I was watching SpeedTV on DishNetwork and saw an interview with the creator of this beauty.


The premise was to create a predecessor to the Dodge Magnum starting life as a 1956 Chrysler. You’ll notice the main difference from a modern Magnum is the number of doors. This lovely is outfitted with only two, which is something I think Dodge should have offered on the new Magnum.

The vision for this is something I applaud and marvel at the ingenuity it took to get this project done. I don’t think I would ever look at a ‘56 Chrysler and think … “gee, I wonder what a Magnum would look like if they built one in 1956. Hmmm … why don’t I just turn this big ‘ole Chrysler into what one would have looked like back then.” But I’m glad someone did.

1956 Chrysler

I had difficulty finding anything about the car after seeing it on television. Many searches (and hours) later, I found a link to a Barrett auction where the car sold for $187,000. Not bad for a Magnum “clone.” I wish my Dodge was worth somewhere in that range. Later I found the picture in the gallery at SpeedTV linked to earlier in this article.

I can’t find the builders name or anything else about him. If you know this information, please add it to the comments section so I can update this with his credit.

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