Dodge Magnum Pictures

Driving around affords me the opportunity to see lots of cool cars. On occasion, I even have time to grab my camera phone and snap a few pictures. I want to start a page filled with Dodge Magnum pictures. Feel free to submit your own pictures to me and I’ll add them to the group.

This is my light blue 2007 Dodge Magnum I bought in 2008. The beach photos were taken on Padre Island just down from Corpus Christi, Texas.

I spotted this wrapped Magnum in Pharr, Texas in front of a restaurant. Talking to the driver, he told me there was another one with a different wrap in Harlingen, Texas, but I have not found it yet. When I do, I will add it to the mix.

This Dodge Magnum was in San Angelo, Texas with the owner attending a party in the park. I located him and asked permission to take photos of his car and he was thrilled.

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