Do You Name Your Cars?

Cars have personalities just like people do. Some are cantankerous, some are pleasant, some are steady, some are faint. Because of that, we’ve always named our cars after getting to know them. You can’t rush into it, but once you’ve learned your cars temperament, a name always seems to fit.

Hullo!I don’t remember when it first began, but one of my favorites was my 1968 Ford Ranchero. With the twin matching CB antenna seemingly sprouting from its head, my wife began calling it Grasshopper. Funny, the way it captured the essence of the car. It easily became known among our friends as Grasshopper and some of them even took inspiration from Grasshopper and come up with names for their own vehicles. It was fun.

There are many other car names with our family. Goldie, Ingrid, Sarge,  Blue, and Connie to name a few, and they all just seem to fit the cars perfectly. Most are remembered fondly by their names more than make and model.

My Dodge Magnum is named Inara for the Firefly character. It’s hard to explain why that fits, but it has to do with smooth lines and a nice ride … ’nuff said.

What about your cars? Do you give them a name to reflect your feelings toward them or to fit their personalities?

Photo by MarcoPoulos

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