Do we need to re-test drivers?

After a harrowing week of traffic (school started last week), I’m beginning to think requiring drivers to pass a new driving test every 8-10 years might not be that bad.

It might even thin out the number of cars legally on the roads by removing a huge group of people who obviously don’t understand merge, yield, stop, lane markings, and checking traffic before changing lanes.

My car brand has been appropriate these past few weeks. It’s a Dodge, and that is exactly what I’ve done lately. Dodging drivers who obviously don’t have time to be careful. They’re late for class and heaven help any who get in their way.

I’m still intact, and wish to stay that way, but complete attention is needed while behind the wheel.

Oh, and if you must talk or text on your phone, move over a few lanes so you can scare someone else. I’m growing weary of the game.

How’s you commute been?

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