Detroit’s Target Market

I’ve discovered that I’m not Detroit’s target market. I don’t buy new cars and I don’t buy used often enough to help. It is a dilemma.

How about you? Do you buy a new car every two or three years?

2 thoughts on “Detroit’s Target Market

  1. Dave Jung

    Time was we got to buy some cars at a good price and those new-buyers were then free to buy theirs.

    Problem is that they are going to find the used market depessed, and not want to sell at thousands less than they expected. The bottom has fallen out in the ponzi schemes called leases for the same reasons.

    Car show in town this week, wish I could go to report the mood to you.

    1. Larry

      You are so correct Dave, especially labeling their lease programs “ponzi schemes.” If anyone would take the time to read all the information and do the math … well, let’s just say those programs would have died years ago. And please, if you get to the show, send in a report. I’d be real interested in the mood.


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