Alamo City LX Car Club Meet Up

I attended the March 6, 2011 Alamo City LX Club coffee meet up in San Antonio, Texas. A good group showed up and I have a few pictures and a couple of videos to prove it. This was my first chance to meet the club members, finding them and joining online last month.


Something else I noticed is the different wheels on display. I admit it, I have a fascination with wheels and this was a chance to see many different styles on similar cars at the same time.

Then, since I’m still getting to know my new video camera, I took a couple of short videos you might enjoy. In the first video, I walked down the line of cars getting a close-up of each, and just enjoying the view.

In the second video, the meet up is over and the group is leaving the parking lot heading to eat at a location south of downtown. Yes, there are a few small displays of testosterone, but it’s very civil.

Several times each month, a new coffee shop is picked and anyone who can come, shows up to drink to joe, meet new friends, and visit with old ones.

I had a blast and can’t wait for the next chance to get together with this guys and girls.

Just fyi … tomorrow March 13th, the group is going to cruise the five Missions of San Antonio and meet up for lunch. Too bad I can’t attend. Maybe next time.

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