Monthly Archives: July 2012

Under the Boardwalk


Sweetie and I arrived home to find one of our fawns sleeping under the deck. She wasn’t happy with us disturbing her, but she’ll get over it.

Good View from Our Parking Lot

View from the parking lot

One morning this week, I stopped to take a look around from our parking lot. Turns out there is a good view of The Hyatt and the Tower of Americas in downtown San Antonio. You’ll also notice the road sign says “The Alamo” for the exit.

Sometimes you have to slow down and take a look around. That’s something I sometimes forget.

I have a fondness for the Tower of Americas because in 1968, when it opened, the Canyon Eagle Band, of which I was a member, played a concert in the plaza as Hemisphere ’68 kicked off. It was very hot and we were in wool uniforms.

Yes, I remember it well …


All paid for & just broke in


My 2007 Dodge Magnum SXT reached two plateaus this month. On June 1st I made the final payment and on June 25th Inara’s motor finished its break in period.
Now it’s all downhill from here.
I’m really mad about one thing though. Her body was smooth until some JERK opened something into the passenger rear door and put a very small dent. In my eye, and it is huge and the only thing I see when I walk around to that side.
Share your odometer pictures.