Monthly Archives: March 2012

Cold Calling – Ad-hoc

So what do I mean by ad-hoc cold calling? I go over it in the video, but, it is the unplanned call a salesman makes in the field between planned calls.

Your in an area for several schedules appointments. You finish one early and have just over an hour to kill. What do you do? You can go drink coffee or make a couple of unplanned cold calls.

Suspects or prospects … How will you know?

Cold Calling – Target Accounts Part 1

Every day, salesmen are confronted with free time in their day and cold calling is inevitable. Is it worth it? It is a colossal waste of time and energy? Maybe.

In this video I talk a little about the preparation needed for cold calling your target accounts. In a later video I will go over specifics for research.

Cold calling can be profitable is you know your target customer and do a bit of research. You should know your average dollar sale and the commission on that average sale. This will determine the amount of time you spend on research.  Choose to spend your time wisely and it will pay dividends.