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Right on Red: Right or Privilege

Right on Red … Is it a right or a driving privilege? I’m getting closer and closer to hitting cars in the back end and no, not from tailgating. They are pulling out in front of me at red lights. The right on red laws were never meant to be used like most people are currently using them, but that doesn’t stop them.

Braking hard at red lights


What’s your take on this situation? Is it getting worse or is it just me? Let me know in the comments.

My Dodge Magnum is now Running E3 Plugs

That’s right. After pulling the original plugs from my 2007 Dodge Magnum, I am now running a set of E3 Spark Plugs. The original plugs had just over 174,000 miles and were still performing, even at a low standard.

After researching the different plugs available on the market today, I decided to try the E3s because of the dyno testing done on Horsepower TV. With an engine sitting on the dyno, they ran a base run and afterward installed E3s and showed the horsepower gain in real time.

The E3 spark plugs are installed and working fantastic


That was enough to convince me, but then Stacey David at Gearz visited Michigan Technological University and showed the mechanics behind the difference. The video on that is only four minutes and worth the watch if you are on the fence.

Now, back to 174,000 miles. Yeah, I know I’m supposed to change them at 100,000 miles, but time got away from me. Anyway, the plugs were well worn and the gap was very large (see photos below), but they were still producing enough spark to carry me around the State of Texas every month.


The power increase was immediate, but what do you expect … I put in new plugs . The power would have increased no matter what plugs I installed, as long as they were new and installed correctly. Gas mileage? It’s still too soon to tell, but the mileage seems to have creeped up a small amount.

I will continue to bring you updates on this as I track the gas mileage.

Have you tried the E3 plugs? What have they done for you?