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zMax: Sham or the Jam

I have started the zMax Microlubricant experiment in my 2007 Dodge Magnum. Inara has just over 165,000 miles which should be a good test. There is a lot more information in the video.


The zMax Microlubricant Experiment

More reports will follow as I get more data.

Let me know of your experience with zMax.

2007 Dodge Magnum May 2011 Statistics

P0006983Another month … another few thousand  miles. That’s the way it seems some days.

This is now the fifth report on the monthly statistics, which I began in January 2011. If you compare them to last month, you can see the differences are small, except for the gasoline price.

Inara, my Dodge Magnum, has been running fine with no issues related to the Regular Unleaded gasoline. What little sluggishness I expressed feeling last month is no worse … or better. I have begun an experiment I’ll fill you in on later in this article.

I drove a few less miles in May because of the Memorial Day weekend and a full day of jury duty cutting down two working days for the month. Body-wise, it feels like the same or more, but it is one hundred and fifty miles less.

May 2011 Statistics

Miles Driven: 2841
Average MPG: 24.435
Maximum MPG: 26.130
Minimum MPG: 21.048
Average $/Gallon: 3.806
Expenditure: 467.73

The only maintenance needed was two new replacement windshield wiper blades, which is another story. One blade was ripped and I checked the other and it was fine. I was in Target with my wife and they carried the Rain-X brand refills, so I bought one for $8.99. Within a week, (I know, I know) I noticed the other blade had a long rip. Living out in the country, the nearest O’Reilly Auto Parts is about eight miles away, so I stopped in and bought an exact match to the other refill. The difference … the O’Reilly refill cost me $12.99, four dollars more.

The moral is to buy both and buy them at Target.

zMax Micro-lubricant Experiment

After a lot of research and reading hundreds (maybe thousands) of reviews, I decided to take Carroll Shelby’s advise and try ZMax Total Engine Treatment Kit in my Magnum. I bought the kit with the fuel treatment and the engine treatment and following the instructions, added the fuel treatment Thursday morning, June 2nd. Because of the circumstances, I will add the engine treatment tomorrow morning, June 5th, per the instructions on the bottle.

Since I keep such a close check on my statistics, I wanted to try this and give a full and comprehensive report filled with facts rather than a lot of false information from people who admit they have never tried the product. After all my research, I feel confident there is nothing that will harm my fuel system or engine in either products … and it just might help.

zMax Micro-lubricant Claims

  • Increased Gas Mileage
  • Extends Engine life
  • Reduces Emmisions
  • Disperses Carbon
  • Restores Power

Because of a court case a few years back, they removed the guaranteed 10% minimum increase in mileage from their claims. If 10% were a typical number, that would represent over two miles per gallon for me. It will be interesting to see if the only claim I can easily  monitor shows a significant increase.

Gasoline Price

My average price per gallon for gasoline climbed through the month of May to $3.80. However, the last few days of May saw a decrease in gasoline prices to the $3.55 to $3.70 range, depending on location. I’ll be interested to see what the price averages on next week’s trip.

What is the price where you are? Have you seen lower prices the last week or two? Please share in the comments.



Let’s be safe out there …