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Do You Know What MERGE Means?

Do you know what MERGE means? One of the hazards of driving 4000 miles each month is the other drivers. I’m serious, if I were alone on the highways, it would go much better. I realize that is unrealistic, but a man can dream. As I travel the State of Texas in my Dodge Magnum, I see all types of drivers … hot rodders, lil’ old ladies, and fresh, green teenagers.

They all have their shortcomings, but this is one of my biggest pet peeves when I am on cruise control. MERGE means something.

MERGE is a technical term meaning … Don’t Pull in front of me if you’re driving slower.


Let me know what your pet peeve is when behind the wheel. Surely I’m not the only one … can I?

New Feature: Dodge Magnum monthly statistics

80mphA feature I’ve wanted to implement on The Magnum Life is a recap of my monthly statistics. Since I travel so much, I gather a lot of information about my car. Because of that, I have wanted a place to consolidate that information for reference and thought you might find some of it interesting, also.

Today, I am going to recap my information for January 2011, since February is still active. After closing this month off, I will post another article for February.

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