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Old Sales Dogs and New Pups

As an old sales dog, I have an opinion on everything sales related. Today I want to talk about the new kids on the block and whether the realize the fine tradition they are corrupting.

Harsh? Of course it is.


You’ll see in the video I’m looking for answers as much as commenting on the condition of the modern sales person just getting into the profession.

Maybe we (the old dogs) are the ones with the misshapen mindset. What do you think?

Michelin HydroEdge Tire Review

Since installing the Michelin HydroEdge tires, I’ve put a little over 10,000 miles on them and thought a quick review was in order.

In the video I go over a few pluses of the HydroEdge compared to the Pirelli P4 tires that preceeded them.


One of the things I forgot to discuss in the video is the singing. The Pirelli tires were whisper quiet, but the Michelins perform like an opera singer on some road surfaces. In particular on concrete freeways with a brush finish.

The other topic is gas mileage. I have done all the math and have the results, but that is for another day. Stay tuned.

Can you Jump Start a Dodge Magnum

Recently, I discovered a heretofore, unknown problem to me. My 2007 Dodge Magnum battery died and the fun ensued.

If only the drivers door is unlocked, the rear hatch won’t open because it is on the same lock as the other three doors. If the battery is dead, unlocking the rear hatch is made much more difficult.

Watch and see.


Have you discovered a faster, better way to accomplish the jump start? If so, I’d sure like to know. It was a long and hard experience when it happened.

The three great essentials to achieving anything worthwhile are; first, hard work, second, stick-ti-it-iveness, and third, common sense. — Thomas A. Edison

My 2 Most Important Sales Tips

Over the last few years, I have worked with a lot of Distributor Sales Reps (DSR) and found that fundamentally they have problems with a couple of the basics of selling 101.

In this video, I give my two most important sales tips and look forward to what you can add to the discussion in the comments.


What are your two most important sales tips for young or old salesmen? If you had to boil it all down to theĀ simplestĀ form, what is the bottom line.

A team is a group of people who may not be equal in experience, talent, or education, but in committment — Patricia Fripp