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Will I Stay with the Pirelli P4 tires?

The time has come to look at new tires for my 2007 Dodge Magnum. As readers and watchers of this site know, I have been very happy with the Pirelli P4s, but times change and technology changes, too.

In my research this time around, the Michelin HydroEdge kept coming up. It is rated for 90,000 miles and also for very high gas mileage. Both of those interest me.


What thoughts do you have with these two tires or another one.

Ride with Me through Far West Texas

A few weeks ago, I was in Southeast New Mexico when it was time to head home to Texas. I turned my Dodge Magnum south on Hwy 285 toward Pecos and Fort Stockton to catch Interstate 10. Once on I-10, I headed east for many hours on cruise control with a posted speed limit of 80 mph. Overall, the trip takes about nine hours, but you get the gist in just over four minutes.


The video shows some of the country in far West Texas, an area most people aren’t familiar with. It starts in New Mexico, moves to I-10 at Fort Stockton, Texas, then several clips from near Ozona, Texas.

I used a different encoding on this video than the previous ones, testing the quality and the ability for everyone to view them easily. The first videos were uploaded to YouTube, but since then, that service had been flaky.

I then converted them to mpg format, which requires the Quick Time browser plugin to play. This is the first encoded to .wmv.

If you have issues, please let me know.

The 80/20 Rule in Sales

Del Mar National Car Show-76Lately, I’ve been thinking about the 80/20 sales rule as it applies to successful sales people. In most sales organizations, 80% of the business is produced by 20% of the people. Why is this?

Is it smarts?

Is it talent?

Is it technique?

Is it personality?

Is it motivation?

Is it ability?

Is it hard work?

Is it working smarter?

Is it planning?

Is it preparation?

Is it goal setting?

Is it territory?

Is it family support?

Is it manager support?

Is it company support?

Is it product training?

Is it sales training?

Is it … ?

The easy answer is , “It’s a combination of them all.”

What I’m trying to determine is the order of importance. If we take the above list, and any others you have, how would they be ranked?

If you had to choose, what would be your top five list in order? The top three? Top one?

Please dive into the conversation and let me know your thoughts.

How many times have you bought the same album?

Beach-Boys-Pet-Sounds I just bought a Beach Boys album for the fourth time. Yeah, I’m ready for some stability in the music format so I can keep one for longer periods of time.

It all began in 1966 when I received a stereo for my 15th birthday. One of the groups I immediately bought was the Beach Boys. I enjoyed that LP for years in the house, but the car was a different issue.

In 1968 a friend got a new 8-track player for his car and handed down his old 4-track player to me. The first thing I discovered was the 4-track unit was 12-volt and my 1952 Plymouth was 6-volt. It took some doing, but I converted that old car to 12-volt so I could install the player.

Of course, the 4-track music format gave way to the 8-track, then the CD and finally the digital format. That was in several different formats until recently. At first, they were DRMed (digital rights management) as WMV or ACC, but finally gave way to the more popular format … MP3. The other formats, ACC and WMV are still with us with no DRM because of iTunes from Apple and Walmart Music store.

Now, all the 4-track tapes are gone and I gave away the last 8-track years ago. I did get a car with a CD player in 2008, so I skipped most of the CD spending. I think we have 15 or 20 CDs we play in the house, but I rarely take them with me in the car. I carry my whole music collection on my Zune which includes the ripped CDs and the music I’ve bought online.

My question is, what is the next format that will require a complete re-do with our music? Will we be able to easily convert our MP3s to the new format or will it require buying our music all over again?

Oh, by the way, I recently bought the Beach Boys album from the Amazon MP3 store … again.

What are your thoughts on the the music format wars. Who wins, who loses in the next evolution of music?

Where were you when?

First LoveA lot of people I know remember events in their lives when a certain song plays. My wife is one of those supported by this example at the dinner table last weekend.

Yes, remember. We were driving on the highway from Borger to Fritch and Hush from Deep Purple come on the radio. You were singing, drumming on the steering wheel and keeping the beat on my knee. Remember?

I had to admit I didn’t remember the event that is so vivid in her memory. After all, decades have passed since the event took place.

I do have a few memories tied together that way, but not like a few people I know. I know people are wired different, but this seems to be a big, huge chasm to me.

Do you remember where you were when you heard a particular song? How about when you heard about some earth shattering event? See, most of those don’t register with me either. Am I the strange one here?

What about you? Do you remember particular events when a song plays on the radio? Tell me about it in the comments.