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2007 Dodge Magnum Review – Part I

I have been driving my 2007 Dodge Magnum since the last week in March 2008. It was an employee lease car and hit the dealer lot at the same time as a ton of Dodge Chargers.

In the next four video posts, I will post the basics, the good, the bad, and a final overview of over two years, and now over 120,000 miles.


For some reason with this set of four videos didn’t sync the video and audio properly. I’m still trying to figure out the problem, but the information is still valid.

Hwy 83 Bridge of My Youth

Going as far back as I can remember, this bridge in Hwy 83 between Wellington and Shamrock, Texas has fascinated me. Several months back, I stopped and took some still pictures of it, and this month saw they were moving traffic over to the other side of the road and took the video.

Hwy 83 Bridge

Hwy83_bridge1 Hwy83_bridge3

I have nothing against progress, but wanted to document something I’ve seen and driven over for 50+ years. It will be sad to see it torn down, but the Highway Department already had it restricted to one lane because of its narrowness.

A new full-size bridge will increase safety, especially at night.

Is Success Guaranteed with Hard Work?

3-Coats_NcL_One I’ve been pondering the sales profession for many years and trying to determine what makes some sales people wildly successful and others just so-so. From reading sales books and researching, the answers are as widely varied as the authors experience.

What’s my take? What make a successful salesman? I think it has nothing to do with relationships, methods, techniques, or personality, although each of these are important in their place.

I believe the one thing that separates the pack is PREPARATION.

The prepared sales person has a much greater chance to succeed than the one that is not.

What preparation is best suited for success? That depends on the type of sales you’re in.

Sometimes it’s research on the company.

  • Checking the P&Ls
  • Reading the annual reports
  • Market segment
  • Market share
  • Competitors
  • Synergies
  • Partners

Maybe the people

  • Position (logical or creative)
  • Motivation (cutting costs, increasing sales, family time)
  • Bonus structure
  • Awards/Recognitions within the industry
  • Business background

Business background is an interesting on in my business. Frequently I deal with the position of Custodial Manager, Custodial Supervisor, or Director of Custodial Services. From the titles, the assumption is that they know something about a custodians work, but this is not the case.

In the last year, I have met new people in one of these positions with the following background.

  • Painter for school district
  • Construction foreman in the private sector
  • HVAC worker for the school district
  • Business owner
  • Plumber for school district

When I talk to one of these people, I have to watch my language. No, not bad language … trade language. These people usually don’t know about chemicals and their ingredients. They usually don’t know the critical differences in phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid. They don’t understand the difference between floor finish percent of solids and finish hardness. I could go on and on, but you get the point.

Before having a detailed discussion about our profession, I need to find out this persons profession, which is not necessarily custodial.

Is this happening in other industries? I’d be fascinated to hear your stories.

How about a 1956 Chrysler Magnum?

Sunday, I was watching SpeedTV on DishNetwork and saw an interview with the creator of this beauty.


The premise was to create a predecessor to the Dodge Magnum starting life as a 1956 Chrysler. You’ll notice the main difference from a modern Magnum is the number of doors. This lovely is outfitted with only two, which is something I think Dodge should have offered on the new Magnum.

The vision for this is something I applaud and marvel at the ingenuity it took to get this project done. I don’t think I would ever look at a ‘56 Chrysler and think … “gee, I wonder what a Magnum would look like if they built one in 1956. Hmmm … why don’t I just turn this big ‘ole Chrysler into what one would have looked like back then.” But I’m glad someone did.

1956 Chrysler

I had difficulty finding anything about the car after seeing it on television. Many searches (and hours) later, I found a link to a Barrett auction where the car sold for $187,000. Not bad for a Magnum “clone.” I wish my Dodge was worth somewhere in that range. Later I found the picture in the gallery at SpeedTV linked to earlier in this article.

I can’t find the builders name or anything else about him. If you know this information, please add it to the comments section so I can update this with his credit.