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New Auto Part Finder from Amazon

This new tool from Amazon looks like a great way to find what’s available for your car. It’s tied into their huge selection of available parts and seems like a valuable asset.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. It may need to be a permanent addition to the sidebar.

The Snake’s GT500

Don Prudhomme’s Super Snake Shelby GT500 makes my mouth water … ok, I admit it’s drool. Can you think of a better combination than the Shelby GT500 Cobra and The Snake. Those two seem made for each other and their collaboration proves it. I would love to take this bad boy for a short drive up the quarter mile traps just to say I had.

I think The Snake has done a great job bringing his vision to an all ready iconic car. The combination of dark, good looks and massive horsepower (800+) make for a venomous ride. Beauty and power are two of my favorite things.

Just think of the other possibilities that could team up to make magic.

"Coz every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed car”

In Pharr, Texas, I spotted a Dodge Magnum outfitted with a custom wrap. It was a sales guy from the local Budweiser distributor. I pulled in and visited for a few minutes and asked if I could take a few shots. He enthusiastically agreed.

Photo_021209_001 Photo_021209_002 Photo_021209_003

Photo_021209_004 Photo_021209_007Photo_021209_005

The gentleman said the distributor has five (5) Dodge Magnums, three with the Bud wrap and two with a Select wrap. I haven’t spotted the Select wrap yet, but I will keep my eyes open and try to get some pictures.

I don’t know about you, but I love the oversized tires with the black wheels. The look is perfect for the color combination of the wrap. It does catch the eye, which is, after all, the purpose.

Auto Sunvisors: Friend or Foe

There is one piece of technology in Detroit that is in serious need of an overhaul. I’m referring to the old school device to block the sun while driving down the road.

I’ve riden in cars that have well thought out visors that work fairly well, but the set on my Dodge Magnum seem to have been an after-thought.

“Oh, we forgot to put a set of sunvisors on this car. How can we add them without changing any other dynamics? They’ll have to be small, but who uses these anyway?” Detroit Creative Director

Yes, I can hear it all now.

How do your sunvisors work? Are they your friend or foe when it comes to blocking the sun?

Good-looking Dodge Charger

One of my very good friends, Juan, bought a Dodge Charger soon after I purchased my Dodge Magnum. He has since changed the look of his car with the addition of tires and wheels.

I think it makes a big difference in the stance of the car, as well as the look.


The low profile tires set off the large shine of the wheels. The over-sized wheels and tires fill the wheelwells and add some visual spice.

After riding in the car, I can say the low profile tires make a noticeable difference in the ride, but it’s not severe. I think the ride is stiffer on the highway without the cushion of the taller sidewalls, but again, it’s not bad.

What have you done to improve the look and feel of your ride? I’m curious.