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Review:Pirelli P4 Tires

Pirelli P4 215/65R17 tiresMy Pirelli P4 tires now have 8627 miles on them in just under three months. They have exceeded a few of my expectations and performed poorly in others. This review is for first impressions of these tires and will, no doubt, lead to further reviews as the mileage increases. The tires look good on the car and aesthetically are pleasing. After all, the ride must look good too.


The original tires on my Dodge Magnum were Goodyear Integrity 215/65R17 on all four corners. I found these tires excessively noisy and rough riding, so I began my research with those factors in mind. Gas prices were also going up, so better gas mileage wouldn’t hurt my feelings either.

As I looked at different tires, Pirelli kept showing up as good riding and quiet. That met two of the requirements, but I couldn’t find any discussions on gas mileage for tires. (That’s a website looking for a home)

I did find reference several times to low rolling resistance on the P4s, so I made my decision to go for them.

Reality Sets In

The first thing you notice about Pirelli P4 tires is the price. They are a full $200 more than some of the other tires I was considering, but with all the research to back me up, I plunged forward. Continue reading