2007 Dodge Magnum Review – Part II

This is part 2 of my 4-part review of my 2007 Dodge Magnum. In this video I cover the things I like about my Magnum.

If you own one, let me know what you like about yours.


The video/audio sync is better on this one, but still off a bit.

3 thoughts on “2007 Dodge Magnum Review – Part II

  1. Dave J.

    Still with the sync problem. What a pain!

    I hate how every car is different with regards to cruise control. My wife has mostly given up on using one because of this, I think, and she drives over 30 miles to work.

    And with a long look into the car, what’s with the cross-bar in the back seat? And the wrap around the passenger head-rest? Is that so Red doesn’t mess her hair?

    1. Larry Hendrick Post author

      I is all in what you get used to, but with all the changing locations, it does make it difficult to move from car to car within the same family. Of course, without cruise, my legs would be in a constant state of cramp. It is a life saver.

      The cross bar is the built-in roll cage … OK, it is my hanging clothes rack. In the car, I find it much easier to haul my clothes on hangers, rather than pack in the suitcase and then iron them in motels. The wrap looks like a person from the outside so I can use the HOV lanes on the freeways … actually, the material catches Red’s hair and pulls on it, so she wrapped it with a bandana. It works.

  2. Dave

    We just bought a Magnum,we started off just liking it a bit. Now we love it. The family and I do a fare share of cross country driving, and this thing is just great. Like the blog, keep it up.


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