2007 Dodge Magnum March 2011 Statistics

March was an interesting month for me and Inara, my Dodge Magnum. On March 10th, I filled up with 87 octane Regular Unleaded gasoline instead of my usual 89 octane Mid-Grade. With the advent of the huge increase in gasoline prices, it seemed like an appropriate time to test Inara on less octane.

March 2011 Statistics

Miles Driven: 4284 miles
Average MPG: 24.874
Maximum MPG: 27.546
Minimum MPG: 22.700
Average $/gallon: $3.449
Expenditure: $656.42

A quick update on running Regular Unleaded


Again, the total expenditure includes more than gasoline. It covers car washes, oil changes, etc.. As you can see, the average price of gas was up $0.31/gallon and that increase is deceptive. The February gas price was all Mid-Grade and most of March’s was Regular. Mid-Grade was up over $0.50/gallon in those same few weeks.

You’ll notice the gas mileage is up almost .5 mpg even with switching over to Regular Unleaded. I’m surprised by this statistic, but pleasantly pleased.

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