2007 Dodge Magnum July 2001 Statistics

ACLX member carYes, I know it’s almost the end of August, and trust me, you don’t want to know. I do want to get this information on the site for comparisons sake.

I hope to get back on schedule by getting my priorities straight.

Also, since I missed June’s statistics, they are gone forever, unless I want to hand computer everything. That would take more time than I’m willing to commit to, so on with July’s.

July 2011 Statistics

Miles Driven: 3474
Average MPG: 24.872
Maximum MPG: 27.852
Minimum MPG: 21.769
Average $/Gallon: $3.586
Expenditures: $454.49

Maintenance was the normal oil and filter change plus a few car washes. I did get the tires rotated, but since I bought the tires at Discount Tire, that is provided at no additional charge.

The Michelin HydroEdge tires are still working great having hit 50,000 miles this past week. With still more the half he tread, I am looking to reach 100,000 miles before replacing them.

The zMax experiment continues with a fresh application a few weeks ago and if you watched the video, you know an update is coming soon.

A video on the spark plug change is also coming soon with continued updates as data is secured.

I did buy a tank of gasoline in Austin, Texas this week for $3.399. That is the cheapest in some time. What are you paying and where are you located. It would be interesting to compare.

Let’s be safe out there …

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